Are Your Kids Really Safe on the Internet?

Here are the alarming facts...
bullet 1 out of 5 kids have been solicited sexually online.
bullet 1 out of 17 kids have been harassed, threatened, or bullied.
bullet One third of kids have been contacted by a stranger and half of these were considered inappropriate.
bullet Most kids will not report inappropriate Internet contact to their parents because they are afraid of losing Internet privileges.
bullet 9 out of 10 parents will never know that any inappropriate contact has occurred.
bullet Sex, drugs and alcohol are some of the most common discussion topics.

Best filtering product for pre-teens

Best monitoring product for teens

In the news - More than 29,000 registered sex offenders were kicked off MySpace. Read about it here. These are just the ones they can identify because they used their real names. What about the ones that use phony identities? What about the ones that have never been caught? There are likely hundreds of thousands more on MySpace alone.

Unfortunately in today's world, it's not just a matter of trusting your kids to use the Internet responsibly and according to the rules you have set. It's a matter of whether or not you can trust the other millions of people on the Internet.
We can help!
We have been publishing  award-winning Internet content management and monitoring software since 1995. No one works harder at keeping your kids safe than we do. We offer two great solutions that will help you keep your your kids safe online.


CYBERsitter - CYBERsitter is the original Internet filter. It is the best choice for pre-teens and public/educational/institutional use.  It was designed to be easy to use and easy to install. It is a full-featured content management product that keeps kids safe by restricting access to millions of objectionable Internet websites, providing detailed logs of all Internet access, and much more. CYBERsitter is the only Internet filter to receive the prestigious PC Magazine editors choice award 5 times. Read more...
SnoopStick - An innovative new product that allows you to monitor your kids Internet activities completely remotely in real time or by viewing recent activity. Monitors web site visits, chat sessions, IM's, e-mail, displays screen captures and much more. Absolutely the best choice for employers, accountability programs, working parents, and monitoring teenagers, even if they have mobile laptops. Read more...

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