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ICQ "Bad Word" Filter Download Area

This page is for users of the ICQ chat program. If you have never visited our web site before and are unfamiliar with CYBERsitter, you can read more about it here. If you are already a CYBERsitter user, then you should be aware that you do not really need this file for your ICQ program as CYBERsitter will already filter out objectionable language.

This filter is provided as a public service as a replacement for other filters offered through the ICQ program that were published without permission. By downloading this file you agree to abide by the standard CYBERsitter license terms. This filter is NOT public domain, and we reserve all rights to its content, use and distribution.

Over the next several days, we plan on adding additional content to this file, so check back and download frequently. We may also make available other files, targeted at different age groups so that you may filter inappropriate content in ICQ based on the ages of your children.

We provide the filter only. We do not provide ICQ support or help with installation. For installation instructions we suggest you visit the ICQ web site.

Click Here to Download

Note: ICQ is a trademark of ICQ Inc. Solid Oak Software and CYBERsitter are not affiliated with ICQ.